Felix Hagan & The Family – Kiss The Misfits

We’re halfway through another busy, working week. I’m pretty lucky that I enjoy my day job even though it can sometimes be pretty intense and busy. Tomorrow, I’m up before 6 to head to London for the second time this week. Tomorrow, I’ll have to wear a suit. I clock up the train miles. 

 But, I mustn’t grumble because doing this day job means I can cover (in part) the costs of my hectic social life. And this week, my social life (where I get to muse about music) has been pretty active. It shows no sign of abating this coming weekend either.

 I took advantage of being down in London for a ‘day job’ meeting to nip across to BBC 6 music’s live ‘Bloc Party’ show at Maida Vale. My brief reflections for eGigs are here

 Last night, I saw Squeeze and John Cooper Clarke at De Montfort Hall in Leicester. My review for the Leicester Mercury is here

This coming weekend, I’m heading off to Skegness to cover Butlins Alternative Weekender for EFestivals. I concede it’s not a shabby life. 

 I love my social life. I can whip off the suit and tie to mix with the people I really want to mix with. I can ‘Kiss The Misfits’. The theatrical, exuberant happiness of Felix Hagan & The Family’s tune, from their EP of the same name that’s coming out at the end of November, leaves the listener in no doubt which camp they’re in. 


This is an embrace of staying up all night, of exploring the darker recesses of pubs and nightclubs and of not worrying where the next pay cheque is coming from. 


The Gods Themselves – Pink Champagne

I’m reminded of a work Christmas party. I was a mess back in those days. We all got on a coach and headed 50 miles up the motorway to join colleagues from another office. We only ever met in Tinsel season.

I had a wee. “Do you want some Pink Champagne?” said a voice from a cubicle. “What’s that?” I asked. “It’s like speed but with a tinge of red”, said the mystery voice. I got to know him as Duncan.

I missed the coach home. 

Hearing The Gods Themselves muse about Pink Champagne brings it all back. I don’t suspect that their tune is amphetamine tinged but I adore the edgy noise on display here.

“You’re such a young tramp, with your vanity Mouthin’ off beneath the marquis” 

I was terrible back in those days.. 





Summer Twins – Demons

I’ve been sent a copy of the new album, Limbo, from Summer Twins. It’s released in the US today but fans of the sparkly, seductive, 60’s-inspired sisters in the UK will have to wait another month until they can get their hands on a copy. 

There’s a few train journeys coming up and I’ll make the most of them by digging into the new tunes of Chelsea and Justine Brown. On initial listen tonight, there are songs almost as immediate as Summer Twin classics like ‘Forget Me’ but where the earlier stuff twinkles on the toes-edge of twee, these new tracks have a harder, leathery jacket. The vocals appear more underplayed in the melodic mix as some of the throwaway cartoon punk guitar riffs take greater prominence. It’s still pretty fab though.

Apparently, Limbo was recorded over an intense ten day recording session in an isolated Sacramento studio. You can certainly feel some of that burning solitude surface within the one track that’s been circulating to date from the album. ‘Demons’ are being released through this release. 

Compare and contrast ‘Forget Me’ with ‘Demons’… I know what I prefer…