The Greenlight Festival

Hoorah for the weekend. It looks like another bright day out there. 

Last year, I had the best of days introducing local, acoustic based, acts at the Green Light festival in Leicester. As well as the music, the day long festival offers a whole host of interesting solutions and ideas around sustainable living.. 

There’s also a fine selection of food – curry heaven you know… 

It’s family friendly and chilled. 

I’ve been asked back to help out today. It won’t be a chore with some of these lovely acts playing.

 I’ve previously blogged about The Native who are playing here and it almost feels unfair to pick out other highlights of today but I’m going to all the same. I first saw Siobhan Mazzei play over two years ago. She sat on a stool, plucked and hammered at her guitar and sang songs that ranged from gentle to angry. In the couple of years since, she’s made great strides. The obvious, initial, talent has blossomed into something quite incredible. She now stands rather than sits – a sign of her increased confidence? – and offers a live performance in which it’s extremely difficult not to get caught up within her vocal power… A very British Tracey Chapman… A Michelle Shocked for today…. 

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