New Walk – Ganja Tent

New Walk is a pedestrianised Victorian promenade in Leicester. It connects Victoria Park with the town centre. On warmer, summer days, people chill, sunbathe and throw frisbees on this park. Some even share funny cigarettes. 

New Walk is also the moniker used by dubstep producer, Taylor Burton. There’s nothing pedestrian about him though. 16 year old Taylor has all the potential to put Leicester and Leicestershire on the map. Already played by DJs on Radio 1 Xtra and with mixes widely circulated by well connected magazine editors and PR gurus, there’s a buzz about this lad.

Taylor also plays in Tapestry, the band that I raved about here less than two weeks ago. One of their live highlights is the tune, Ganja Tent. Ganja Tent began its life as a New Walk production and today, Taylor has dropped a new version of the track onto Soundcloud. 

The sun was doing the best it could to shine brightly today. Listening to this track, I couldn’t help but think of blissful Summer days that are on their way. Chilled out to a horizontal, hypnotic degree, you can lie down and allow the relaxing gloss of this tune to take you away to picnics, frisbees and sunbathing. 

New Walk – connecting with Victoria Park in more ways than one. 

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