Vienna Ditto – Feeling Good

Let’s continue with the theme of posting songs from bands with cities in their name! A few days ago (before Eurovision got in the way), I wrote about the wonderful ‘Oxford Drama‘ from Poland. And for today’s treat with your toast, I’m giving you the lowdown on Vienna Ditto, a duo from Reading, London and possibly Oxford.


Vienna Ditto first came onto my radar a few months back when a PR company sent me a link to an earlier EP. If Sonic Breakfast had been running then, I would have probably featured them. I was drawn to the theatre in their music and the sound bites in their reviews. Like the B-52’s with added smokey grunge or a more chaotic, punked up Portishead, the duo of Hatty Taylor and Nigel Firth were producing a type of mutant madness that refused to be pinned down. A dabble with Psychedelic lounge blues gave way to a Motown murder ballad. I am probably making up genres.

Their new single, Feeling Good is up for release on June 9th. After a four day Easter break, this is an aural equivalent of a lock-in that should help to keep the party going until the next bank holiday. It’s a real wild child of a number, suggestively encouraging us to slip into a sexy stupor and to stay there until the summer ends.

It’s backed by the intriguingly titled ‘Opium Boys’. I bet that’s got an addictive chorus with an injection of fuzz. The CD is completed by a further 4 tracks – covers of Vienna Ditto’s favourite ’19th century gospel bangers’. I can’t wait to hear what they might sound like.


Coming up tomorrow – the new track by Bristol Ballet…. 



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