James – Moving On

Sometimes, you see something and it just has to be posted – even if that something doesn’t necessarily fit in with the ‘style’ of your blog…

Sonic Breakfast is largely about new, under the radar, acts. James have a pedigree, a history and a fan base. But rules are made to be broken. 


I recall those days when we used to ‘sit down’ in the student disco. We’d ‘come home’ and play James records. ‘Sometimes’ we’d sing choruses of songs in the streets, drunk, playful and waiting for our ‘proper’ adult lives to begin. 

Years have passed. Yet still we sing those choruses waiting for our old age to begin.



The new James single is called ‘Moving On’. According to Tim Booth, this lead single from their new album is inspired by the death of two people in his life; his Mum and a friend of his, Gabrielle. And whilst that’s a sad thing to deal with, Booth also sees death as a birth of sorts. He conveyed this to BAFTA winning animator, Ainslie Henderson.

Henderson notes, “It is 2014, I’m on the phone to Tim and he is describing how they came to write this song, and what the words mean to him. The story he tells me is deeply moving; one thing that stayed with me is his describing death as a birth. Some days later this conversation echoes around my mind while I’m listening to ‘moving on’ I walk past a typical Scottish woollen knitwear shop. My eyes flit over a ball of wool in the window while the word ‘unwinding’ is sung. Pretty quickly I’m leaving a garbled, over excited message on Tim’s phone about the music video I have in my head.”

 The new James video is a work of art. It might well move you to tears. It’s a beautifully animated piece of film. It demands to be seen.


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