9yrs – Chemical Love Letters

For our next Sonic Breakfast croissant, we head all the way over the Atlantic and up to Canada for a Toronto 5 piece called 9yrs. I say that they’re a 5 piece though I can only really find out anything about two of them online – they are clearly ‘led’ by a vocalist called Ivie.



This is a Chemical Love Letter taken from the net…

Hydrogen Tetraborate,
Carboxyl Road,

Dearest Alkali,
The day I saw you, there were sudden Chemical reactions within me involving phenolic and benzoic rings of love. Chemically, it was found that you were the reagent for the reaction. I wanted to convey my feeling that very day but since Aldehyde, Ketone and Ether were with you, I realized that the reaction conditions are unsuitable & you would show Chemical Inertness. So, I had to control the nuclear reactions of my mind using Cadmium rods.If according to first law of Love Dynamics, the following reaction: Heart(Miss Alkali in absolute privacy), Affection can be propagated, then meet me at Ammonium Restaurant, Butyl Road at 5 PM failing which I shall consume a mixture of H2SO4 + HNO3 + CH3COOH + C4H5ClNO3 +(C2H5)4Pb.

Yours Chemically,
Methanoic Acid


But, even those of us who are Chemistry dunces should be able to appreciate the tune by 9yrs.

On the surface, this sounds like a standard pop-rock tune from the 1980’s/1990’s that you might file under Blondie or The Pretenders. That’s no bad thing in itself but have another listen to the lyric and it’s just a little ‘skewed’. Ivie is all up for blackmailing the hell out of you.

“If you give in you belong to me”, she sings. And we ought to give it some serious thought because then those pictures she’s got won’t get distributed.. 

9yrs are desperate for your attention and love.  On this evidence, we should give in without the need for Max Clifford.




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