Claudia Kane – Hungry

I had a fantastic roast dinner today – and this was after three croissants for breakfast. Suffice to say, I’m not particularly hungry. 

And, even though that’s the title of this track from London based, Claudia Kane, I very much doubt that she’s singing about a lack of food either.  

Instead, what we have here is a tune in which Ms.Kane is hungry for revenge. I sense that somebody’s hurt her and played with her feelings once too often and now she’s going to make that somebody pay. 

Over the top of a smoky lush, lounge based orchestration, CK evokes memories of 1960’s scandals that we’re all too young to remember. It’s surely pure accident that the initials are shared. 

I will haunt you in the night’, sings Claudia. Her Del-Ray voice, seductive and sexy draws you in to her schemes for getting even. ‘You’ll be happy, I’ll be rich‘, she adds and you realise that the food she wants is financial.

I love the decadent beauty that’s bubble and squeaking under the surface on this platter. I hope you do to…



And just in case you’re feeling starved and want an extra portion of Claudia Kane (I sense you might) here’s a video to a track, Residents Of Darkness. There’s much that delights. 


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