Young Rising Sons – High

In a few minutes time, it is entirely possible that you’ll hate me.

In a few months time, it is entirely possible that I will hate myself.

For this tune, I am sharing today is so catchy, so cheery, so summery and so much of an earworm that it’s likely to glue itself  into your brain and not get out. 

And we all know how thoroughly frustrating those head wrigglers can become. Even if we love them on first listen, it’s hard to explain away why we’re whistling inappropriately when at supermarkets, urinals and funerals. 

Young Rising Sons, from New Jersey, America, appear to have exploded out of nowhere today with this song ‘High’. There’s a co-ordinated, precise marketing campaign behind this which makes the cynic in me want to hate it. This band’s social media presence doesn’t indicate any strife or struggle to get where they are today. Indeed, it almost looks like, three months ago, this band didn’t exist.  But this can’t be true can it? Because, they have a fan base that suggests graft, toil and touring has played a part.

The lead singer, Andy, suggests that this is a song about letting go and enjoying the good things in life. 

I find myself wondering. Why does it matter so much to me ‘how authentic’ a band are? Why does it matter to me that I’m not being manipulated by marketing? Why can’t I just let go and let myself get ‘high’ alongside the Young Rising Sons. This is a bloody addictive drug after all.

Deal done in my head… Time to sit back, relax and whistle a happy tune.



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