Donna HineZ – Ice Cream

“I do enjoy reading your daily Sonic Breakfast posts”, said a friend at the weekend. “But it could do with being a bit more urban, a bit more soul, a bit more pop“, they declared, firmly nailing their musical appreciation to the mast.

“I’ll feature any new, quirky music if I like it,” I replied. “This isn’t about preferring one genre over another. It’s a Jack of all trades and a master of none. This is about finding the stories behind the songs. This is about discovery.”

Today, I received an E-mail about Donna HineZ. With the weekend’s accusation still ringing in my ears and a general acceptance that I’d never really understand why the ‘Z’ has to replace an ‘s’, I had a look and a listen.

Donna HineZ is a Londoner. Displaying a talent for all things stage as a youngster, she got a place at Brit School. Sharing a class with Jessie J, she forged an initial career in musical theatre working alongside an array of talent that included David Hasselhoff, Henry Winkler and Louie Spence!!

The video to ‘Ice cream’ was released months ago but I’m told that the single gets a full release at the end of November. On the surface, winter is an odd time to be releasing a song about a food that’s made for sunny, summer days on the beach. But, perhaps this is the point; when it’s cold and rainy, we need some form of escape and what better way than to think of the vanilla stuff.

Anyway, some might argue that to take this song too literally is missing the point. It’s not really about ‘Ice cream’ is it? In many ways, this is an uneasy bedfellow, a companion piece, to the Heyrocco song, Melt, that I featured on Monday. It’s a tune of cone-licking proportion that Prince would be proud of. It might be throwaway pop but it’s also damn raunchy and just a little bit provocative. It’s featured because I like it.


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