Wampire – Bazaar

My day job is taking me to London quite a bit over the next couple of months. I plan to make the most of this by getting along to some gigs of bands who aren’t touching the East Midlands when they tour.

One such band is Wampire. Eric Phipps and Rocky Tinder (what a fabulous name) met at school. They settled upon the name, Wampire, after hearing German goths mispronounciating Vampire.

I wondered with interest about their 2013 album, Curiosity, but they’ve truly raised the bar higher with their new release, Bazaar. Some reviewers call them psych-pop and there’s definitely elements of that yet I think this album takes them further into some of the punkier, rockier, soul stuff only hinted at before.

Indeed, this is an album that draws upon many influences and then fuzzes them together into a Wampire sound. A bazaar is a street of shops where goods and services are exchanged or sold and Wampire’s album, Bazaar, definitely meets that definition, offering up a range of styles to keep the listener curious.

They’ve just released a video to one of those Bazaar tunes that touches on soul. The muted sax that runs throughout Wizard Staff comes to the fore in this bizarre yet completely creative video. It’s worth watching if you’ve got any interest at all in wizards, private detectives, tandem bikes or roller skating.

I’ll be listening to Bazaar a whole lot more before I head off to their show at Oslo Hackney on November 24th.


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