The Mazarines – Summer Wine

I didn’t know what Mazarine was.

But the power of the internet soon put me right.

Maybe if I had paid more attention in French history classes I would have appreciated that Cardinal Mazarin was a Prime Minister in France in the 1600’s. And the term, Mazarine, pertains to him. He has a good Movember look.

The Mazarine Library is the oldest public library in France. It houses the Mazarine Bible.

Mazarine Blue is a deep blue colour. It’s also the name of a butterfly, extinct in these parts. I guess this butterfly was deep blue in colour.

A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled upon this charming video by The Mazarines, a duo from Los Angeles. It won the International I phone film festival, an award I didn’t even know existed until discovering that The Mazarines had won it. The Mazarines shoot all of their videos with a simple I phone. Can you imagine how complicated that might be? Sometimes, admittedly in states of inebriation, I struggle to send a text on mine.

Summer Wine is a stunner. The Mazarines know their history as they update a Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood classic. They add a Gallic fuzzy glamour to this 1960’s gem; a deep blue to the innocence of the original.

Renee Faia, female singer within The Mazarines, is no stranger to these 1960’s tributes having previously played Cher in an ABC biopic about Sonny And Cher. Such quality on display is perhaps no surprise with such pedigree.

Summer Wine – worthy of a Tuesday morning winter sip.


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