Public Service Broadcasting – Gagarin

In 2013, Public Service Broadcasting were perhaps the band that I saw play live more than any other. I was new to gig reviewing when I caught them at Leicester’s Musician but I was relatively happy with the finished article I prepared for eGigs (here). I was so impressed with them that particular night that I saw them a couple of nights later in Northampton.

As Spring passed and Summer arrived, we seemed to follow each other around the festival circuit. From Beat-Herder to Deershed, here was an act that were pretty compelling to watch. Technical difficulties aside, you knew what you were going to get with PSB. As enjoyable as it was, after a Summer spent over-dosing on their live set, you couldn’t help but wonder if this might be a one trick pony. Where might they take this next?

I needn’t have worried. It appears that J.Willgoose, Esq. and Wrigglesworth are more astute than to let their careers fizzle out by not developing their offer.

Public Service Broadcasting have just released the video for the first single from their upcoming second album, The Race For Space. They’ve added chunks of brass and layers of string to their more trademark sound. This tune, Gagarin, wouldn’t be out of place on a Daft Punk album. PSB are ramping up the funk rocket and having a spacesuit disco.

“We wanted to surprise people, and show that there is a depth and breadth to our musical interests and influences that goes far beyond our first album”, says Willgoose about this release. I think they’ve succeeded.

The video makes for pretty entertaining viewing as well. Those familiar with the largely static Willgoose, presenting an image somewhere between Dr. Who and a teacher of Geography, as he stands behind instruments issuing pre-recorded statements had better think again; for, in this video we get movement (lots of it), dancing that mightn’t be out of place on ‘Strictly’ and a triumphant, joyful exuberance that feels perfectly in keeping for “the hero who blazed the trail to the stars.”

I would embed it directly here but I can’t find it on Youtube yet so here’s the link to NPR where the video launched. 

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