CHILDCARE, also known as London-based musician Ed Cares, seems to be an interesting sort. His debut EP, Flush, was released a few weeks ago to some acclaim. The video that accompanied it had Dan Smith from Bastille jumping to praise it but don’t let that put you off!!!

A real-life Mary Poppins, Ed Cares is apparently a nanny in his day job. He tests his material out on the three children he looks after. I wonder what they make of his tune, Kimberley, an upbeat pop song in which the protagonist confesses to stabbing Kimberley’s boyfriend with a knife, after she’d asked him to. You can’t argue with songs that manage to rhyme Tai-Chi, library and Kimberley.



It’s probably fair to suggest that Ed isn’t a shy, retiring sort. From being a contestant on Saturday evening dating show, ‘Take Me Out’, through to appearing, dressed in drag, in this smoky, seedy video for Flush, here’s a man full of creative ideas for how to make an impression. A series of secret shows in London recently (the venues only being announced to ticket holders on the day) confirm that desire to take an alternative route. By all accounts, Iggy Pop would have been embarrassed by the nakedness on display.

I mustn’t give the impression that it’s all gimmick and no substance though because, quite simply, it’s not. Strip away at the layers of this nursery and the music stands up to scrutiny.

I’m predicting an exciting 2015 for CHILDCARE. Festival fields will surely beckon. We need our pop stars excitingly extrovert and, now that Stevi has been dumped out of X-Factor, we might just be relying on CHILDCARE to break the mundane.


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