An interview with Lucy Rose

From time to time, Sonic Breakfast interviews acts that it’s interested in finding out more about. Last week, we heard from Happyness as they headed off to SXSW. Today, it’s the turn of Lucy Rose. In a couple of weeks, we’re off to experience tea, chocolate and Lucy’s new, electric sound when Lucy plays in Nottingham. This interview acts as a neat preview.

Morning Lucy – it must be quite an exhausting time? Preparing for a headline tour and the release of your second much anticipated album? In what sort of mood do we find you?

I’m actually in Liverpool this morning for a day off and feeling pretty damn good. And I’ve just eaten a massive breakfast so my mood is at a all time high. I was pretty nervous about the tour before we started as we’re playing so many new songs but the more shows we’re doing the better I feel cause the reaction from the crowds have been awesome!

About that headline tour – are there any particular shows on it that you’re really looking forward to? Why’s that? Any that you’re building up to with a bit of dread?

Honestly, you never really know what to expect from a show, we just played Cardiff which was so much fun as the crowd were on one (in a great way) just cheering us on and it was a great atmosphere. The London ones always seem scary but I think that’s cause they are the ones my family and friends come too.

I guess we’ll see you touring the festivals in the Summer? You’re already announced for a couple (Wychwood and Kendal Calling) – care to give Sonic Breakfast any other exclusives? What’s been your favourite festival experience ever?

Think in also playing truck festival and got a load of others in the pipeline but not sure we can announce them yet, but keep an eye out.

When is the second album coming out? What can people look forward to with it? Is it markedly different in any way from ‘Like I Used To’? Or more of the same?

It’s out July 13th and is called Work It Out and I think it’s pretty different from the first album. I’m only playing acoustic guitar on two songs, it’s a lot more electric and a couple songs are on the piano. It’s definitely different but still 100% me!


 “I’m not just another girl with an acoustic guitar singing about how she feels, and I was keen for people to see beyond that.” – That’s a quote attributed to yourself from a couple of years back. To what extent do you think that this has been realised? How much is that ambition still a work in progress?

Gosh I have no idea I completely cringe when I see things I’ve said in the past. I guess I wanted people to stop putting all girl singer songwriters in the same category and see that we are all different even though we’re playing the same instrument and are from the same gender. I think people get it but who knows. I think I would loved to be known as a brilliant songwriter first but I have a lot of work to do to achieve that and then hopefully a good musician too but I guess that’s most people’s dream.

Is Warwickshire still home for you? Would it be easier for you if you based yourself in Brighton, Manchester, London or Austin? To what degree does place matter to you when writing and recording songs?

I’ve actually been living in London for 8 years but pop back to Warwick now and again to see my family and love walking in the Lake District but most my writing has happened on the road or at home in London. I tried going away somewhere once to write and it was a total disaster, I guess cause it felt forced.

You’re known for selling a special brand of tea at your shows. Will there be any new food/drink based products being sold this year? What are your views on the increasing use of Food Banks that we’re seeing across the UK?

I still have my tea and now have added chocolate which my best mate Phil has made, it’s bean to bar and absolutely delicious. I think food banks is a brilliant brilliant thing, makes complete sense and helps out people who need it.

Who would play you in the biopic of your life?

Ginny Weasley

And finally – what will a successful 2015 look like for Lucy Rose?

Well lots if touring, an album that some people have loved and hopefully a future in music.

So, we get through the interview with Lucy without mentioning Bombay Bicycle Club. We did well. If you’re keen to see her on one of the tour dates that remains, then here’s a tour poster with the upcoming dates (and the ones you’ve missed) – and just for old times sake, an old, more acoustic song of Lucy’s that I just happen to love. 


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