Postcards From Jeff – Suburban Girl


Wish you were here. We’re having a wonderful time in the sunshine and the free bar is playing havoc with my sobriety. You’d love the views from the chalet – perhaps one day we’ll get to walk along the beach together. I’ll call you when I get home. I hope the job continues to go well. It must be quite a commute from your tree-lined avenue to that built-up tower block but I’m sure you’re coping. You always did cope. I’m glad we’re speaking again.



There’s something incredibly glamorous and yet distinctly distant about the ‘Suburban girl’ video, recently released by Postcards From Jeff. Directed by Brighton-based film-maker, Steve Glashier, you get a real sense here that you’re digging into the dreams of the characters within. The story being told is by no means linear – and to try to fully grasp what’s going on will do your head in. But, that’s not to say it’s not worth the effort. 


“It’s about the projection of fantasy; getting lost in the worlds of people we watch on the silver screen, obsession, glamour, and desire,” reveals Postcards From Jeff alter ego Joss Worthington. “It references being mesmerised by someone and the ideas you project onto them.”

And if this Yorkshire based producer and multi-instrumentalist is saying that it must be true. 

Listen to the tune without the video and your imagination might still run riot. By all accounts, Modern Language, the album from which this track has been lifted is a bit of a tragic-romantic feast. I can’t wait to hear it.

Pete and Joanne have previously communicated by letter on Sonic Breakfast. I’m sure you’ll be as encouraged as  me to see in the postcard above that Pete’s persistence is perhaps paying. 


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