The Gods Themselves – Pink Champagne

I’m reminded of a work Christmas party. I was a mess back in those days. We all got on a coach and headed 50 miles up the motorway to join colleagues from another office. We only ever met in Tinsel season.

I had a wee. “Do you want some Pink Champagne?” said a voice from a cubicle. “What’s that?” I asked. “It’s like speed but with a tinge of red”, said the mystery voice. I got to know him as Duncan.

I missed the coach home. 

Hearing The Gods Themselves muse about Pink Champagne brings it all back. I don’t suspect that their tune is amphetamine tinged but I adore the edgy noise on display here.

“You’re such a young tramp, with your vanity Mouthin’ off beneath the marquis” 

I was terrible back in those days.. 





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