Father John Misty – Cambridge Junction – October 27th 2015

Just a brief Sonic Breakfast update today because I need to rush to catch a train to Grimsby. Sometimes, I have to pinch myself with the good fortune that surrounds me. 

Last night, I was at the Cambridge Junction for a Father John Misty show. It was slick, impeccably choreographed, intelligent and wise. Josh Tillman was supported by a band of brilliant session musicians who are more than capable of turning his songs, written with Country tinges, into full-on soul stomps. 

It was a gig that I wouldn’t have missed for the world. The album, ‘I Love You Honeybear’, is up there as my album of the year. The tunes are typically cheery and breezy masking lyrical content that is often bitter, cynical or simply deflated. I was in a perfect mood to receive.

I’ve little doubt that those watching Father John Misty tonight will see the same posture at the same point of the set. But, when something is as well rehearsed as this, does it really matter that any ounce of charming ramshackle is lost? 

Father John Misty – clinical charm – a fine Tuesday night and well worth the drive through the rain.


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