Leyley – Aganju

I met Leyley this Summer. 

Hungover and desperate for water, I stumbled out of my tent. Phil and I had been psy-trancing all night at Noisily. I’d slept like a baby but now I needed to get up. It must have been 10AM at least. 

Welcomed to a tent opposite, I plonked myself in a camping chair and attempted to engage. I knew I was chatting to Andy the night before. We were both feeling delicate but he hid it well.

“Listen to this”, said Andy as he pressed play on his phone that was amplified through a mobile speaker. I could still hear the stomp-stomp-stomp of the previous night ringing in my ears.. But this tune was a gentler affair. “This is the perfect comedown music”, I commented.

That’s my voice“, said a voice from behind me. I turned to see a beautiful woman, singing along in Portuguese. This was Leyley. 

A lady walked around with a basket full of choices. We chose.

Leyley and I have kept talking since. Very soon this incredibly talented young woman heads off to ‘find her tribe’. After six months in South America and the West,Indies I doubt she’ll ever come back. She’ll be a star.

Today, on the train to London, I listened to ‘Aganju’ again, that wonderful Bebel Gilberto cover – and I don’t mind admitting that the reminiscence drew a tear. 



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