Jack and Amy – Plus Size Fairy

For many of us, the start of a New Year gives us the chance to dream. 

We might have piled on the weight through over-indulgence after the Christmas festivities but new diet regimes are going to see us slimmer by Springtime. We resolve to change habits, jobs, behaviours and Facebook statuses because adjustment is good. As days get longer and optimism grows, we live in our very own fairy tale following after fantasy wrapped up as ambition. 

Just before Christmas, I was sent news of an EP called ‘Winter’ that’s due to be the first release of New York duo, Jack and Amy. Released in mid January, it’s right up my street. Cinematic, melodic and dreamy with lush floaty vocals over soft electronics and keyboard flurries, it’s an EP that serves as a fabulous statement of intent. 

Apparently, it’s been a few years in the making. Jack and Amy aren’t actually called ‘Jack and Amy’ but, perhaps confusingly for some, Dan and Joyce. Separately, they make music ranging from contemporary chamber jazz to traditional Korean sanjo. I’ve yet to check any of that out!

A video for my favourite track from the Winter EP, Plus Size Fairy, has been in circulation for a little while now. It’s a charming piece of music and the animation within the video just heightens the sense of wonder. The Cinderella of this particular fairy tale is optimistically waiting for a new beginning, a happy ending with that charming prince who’s still snorting the pixie dust. 

“Is it because I’m a plus size fairy? Is it because I’m stuck in fantasy? Wings wet with reality I keep twirling … waiting for our tale to begin“, sings Amy/Joyce. 

Happy New Year to all Sonic Breakfast readers. Let’s resolve to make 2016 a great one. 



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