Elaine Blake – Back Door Man

“She describes herself as a sensual, spicy and happy go lucky person and her music translates these qualities perfectly. Her latest offering ‘Back Door Man’ is a joyous song inspired by her eldest son’s love for cooking in the kitchen at the back of the house and the beauty of friendship.”

So runs part of the press release that I received this week to accompany a new tune by 63 year old, Elaine Blake, a former Labour Party councillor in Newcastle Under Lyme who has roots in Nottingham and Jamaica.

There’s no doubting this is a joyous song. Indeed, I haven’t stopped smiling since I played it for the first time earlier this evening. I’ve sent it onwards to friends and, whilst some of them have poked fun, most have received ‘Back Door Man’ with warmth, appreciation and openness. 

Truly, I’m not getting how Elaine’s eldest son’s love of cooking has inspired her to write this soft reggae pop but I can see there’s something of the beauty that comes from friendship within. 

I wonder if it would get Radio airplay? I wonder how it would do as an entry in Eurovision? Have lovely weekends Sonic Breakfast readers and try not to choke on your cornflakes. 

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