Hunck – Never Had A Dream

For some while now, I’ve been meaning to post about Hunck. I first heard this particular tune before Christmas and loved it. It’s fair to say that the recently released video amplifies that connection.. 

‘I’m up all night, I sleep all day’, suggests the beautiful opening line. Yes, yes, yes.. My kind of lyric.. 

HUNCK were apparently born out of the post-riot depths of Tottenham in 2013. Estranged childhood friends Frederik and Thomas reconnected after a series of heartbreaks, losses and unfortunate events to indulge and share their love in the gloomier sounds of long dead crooners.

New songs come and go all the time. This one just stays.. Less than a month into 2016 but I’m happy to predict this’ll be one that still resonates in November. 

To sleep, perchance to dream.. Let’s hope so.. 

Big, big beauty – love this. 

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