Reina Del Cid – Death Cap

Some pals are organising a trip to Iceland. They want to get away somewhere that’s a bit off the beaten track; somewhere that might not be your typical destination for a holiday. I’d quite like to go but two trips to Scandinavia within the space of a few months (I’m going to Stockholm in May) might be considered excessive. 

Maybe, it was knowing about the plans they’re currently making that led me to pay specific attention when alerted to news that Reina Del Cid’s video for ‘Death Cap’ had been shot in Iceland. I watched. 

Sometimes, you hear a tune and watch a video that simply makes you go wow with wonder. This, for me, was one of those moments. There’s a fragility and sadness here; a contrast between  human and natural beauty. We are but specks amidst stunning scenery. As waves crash and guitars burn, we shudder in the remote warmth that this song and video provides. 

Reina sums it up when she says about the tune:- “‘Death Cap’ is a song about the final days before the end of one’s life, and it gets at that feeling of wanting to stay put, to not leave, while time is quickly running out. For me, Iceland—with all of its strange, detached beauty—is the perfect place for that drama to unfold. What are you clinging to in those last moments of life? The beautiful, strange world that has existed long before you and will continue to exist long after you are gone.”

It’s the final track from Reina’s album, ‘The Cooling’, which came out last summer. I’ve been having a listen to that album this morning having missed its initial release. If you like your Americana with warm wit and quirky charm, then Reina could well rein you into her world. 



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