Axixic – Love In The Back Of A Cab

From time to time, I’m asked ‘what’s your favourite music?’ It’s a question that I always struggle to answer. I don’t have a genre and I’m not sure that I have a favourite band. Typically, when asked such a question, I begin to flounder and waffle. I might mumble something about quirky electronica, country or folk before beating myself up for failing to say very much at all.

If I’m asked about ‘favourite songs’, I fare a bit better. Ever since I was a young boy, the songs that really do it for me are ones that tell stories; they’ll be lyrically astute, often splashed with dashes of humour and poetry; they’ll often eschew the mythical for a more basic sort of kitchen-sink drama. That’s what I like. 

It’s probably why this song from Axixic appeals so much. The narrative to ‘Love In The Back Of A Cab’ is pretty linear and full of charm and romance. Bill Clarke (who is Axixic) explains that this is a true story. He shared a taxi with a beautiful woman which culminated in a kiss of magnetic proportions. They then proceeded to take different flights and, despite staying in touch on social media, being in different continents has meant that the cab passion has remained a one-off. 

Bill seems like quite a character with plenty of stories to relay. I’m drawn to the impulsiveness of his approach as much as I am by the warm and rich, velvety vocal he utilises. He told me the following by E-mail:-

“I chucked my former life in Canada and moved to a mountain village south of Guadalajara, Mexico to pursue my passion (writing). I record as Axixic (pronounced: acks-icks-ick) because googling my real name is pretty much the same as googling “John Smith”. Axixic is the original spelling of the name of the mountain village where I live (Ajijic).”

Do take a look at this. I think the tale will bring some smiles. 

One thought on “Axixic – Love In The Back Of A Cab

  1. Hey Sean, Thank you so much for the attention!

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