Xenia Rubinos – Lonely Lover

“Mami just feel like she needs to breathe today, today, Give a little space cause I’m going insane and I just need to breathe today.”

Sometimes, you hear a record that’s so inventive, creative and all sorts of eclectic that there’s no doubt in your head that you’ll feature it on your blog. 

This is the experience I had when I first clicked on this soundcloud link to listen to this new track from Xenia Rubinos, ‘Lonely Lover’.


 It defies convention; it’s both exceptionally simplistic and yet ridiculously complex. It veers towards a claustrophobic eerie but ultimately cannot fail to eek out a smile from the listener. This is a hotchpotch that draws upon the very best of jazz, hip hop, R&B and funk from the past, stirring all of those years of greatness and influence into a big pot and then allowing some thoroughly modern fumes to exit and excite. 

Yep – I’m quite keen on this one.

Xenia Rubinos is a new name to me. A quick bit of digging shows that ‘Lonely Lover’ is the first to be taken from her forthcoming album, Black Terry Cat. The album notes from that record indicate that “Black Terry Cat  is a rhythm, it’s a funky flow you can’t quite put your finger on, it’s a magic swagger, it’s leaving super late but somehow making it right on time.”

If the rest of the album delivers like this lead single does, it’s got the potential to be up there as an album of my year.







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