Scam Avenue – Sailor

Sometimes, it pays to check your junk mail. 

 Every now and then , I open the folder within my google mail account. Mostly, I’m greeted with odd looking offers telling me that my cheque is waiting to be cashed or that I’d be a fool to miss out on my final-ever opportunity to take advantage of a great deal – the text of which looks remarkably similar to a mail that surfaced within the junk mail folder just a week before. 

 Sometimes, a female with a voluptuous sounding name (often Russian) wants to become my bride; at other times (and perhaps in anticipation of me taking up succulent Svetlana’s offer), I’m offered help with some sort of penile dysfunction.

 You can perhaps understand why dipping into my junk mail folder is a thing to do fleetingly.

 But, yesterday I was glad that I did.

 Lurking in that box was an E-mail from a PR company that I’ve got a fair bit of time for. Quite quickly it became obvious why filters had worked in the way they had for this was promoting a video from a band called Scam Avenue. Entirely new to me, I had a watch and a listen. 

 There’s no getting away from the fact that the video verges on the creepy. A woman in a zombie-like trance being followed down a dark street by man in a similar trance-like state can be nothing but. I guess that’s the overall point though? For ‘Sailor’ seems to be about confronting fears head-on in order to achieve something on a different, higher level. 

 It’s the exquisite indie-pop charm of the music that really appeals within this though. The male and female vocal lines might take influence from some fine pop from the 1980’s and the relaxed electronica some of St Etienne’s  better moments but the overall sum becomes something quite new and exciting. 

 This track, Sailor, appears to be the first release from a forthcoming EP of the same name. I’m very glad that Scam Avenue found their way from my junk.




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