American Anymen + Lise – Nobody Made Me Smile Like You Did

Oh Yes, regular readers of this blog will know that I’m a sucker for a song that yearns back to happier times; that in a mournful but considered way deals with the emotional impact of relationship loss, be it with a partner or friend. ‘Nobody Made Me Smile Like You Did’ connects in that sort of way. The black and white video documents those warmer frames, lovely memories from a time before the honeymoon period went icy. You’re left not knowing whether to smile or cry as the duet rumbles into full force. 

 “The two American Anymen + LISE albums present more personal songs.  These 4 new songs are about how I dealt with my time in prison, my 13-year battle with heroin addiction, the memories of friends who made me happy but are not around to hear these new songs, and how the world is much simpler than the ruling elites make us think,” explains Brett Sullivan, lead singer and main man in the American Anymen collective. 

That sums it up well. As we hurtle towards 2017, pause to sing ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and to briefly recall old friendships, perhaps we could also give ‘Nobody Made Me Smile Like You Did’ a spin or two. 



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