ESNS 2017 – Glints – Dread

Apparently Glints was “born out of a love for language, luscious sentences, and sincere music.” This is a project that “sets out to titillate the senses whilst reinstating the importance of poetic quality in lyrics.” He plays in Groningen next Wednesday evening and I should just about have arrived and settled by then. Maybe, this could be the first gig I stroll along to for Eurosonic. 

He’s clearly been heavily influenced by Mike Skinner. It’s almost as if some of the Glints’ tracks I’ve heard were originally out-takes from ‘A Grand Don’t Come For Free’, left on the studio floor for not quite fitting in with the narrative of that concept album (and indeed not quite being good enough). 

But that’s not to say that Glints is without merit. He’s clearly not. The Streets released game-changing albums and Glints isn’t there yet. But, in recently released tracks, ‘Catalyst’ and ‘Egotism’, there’s enough to suggest that he’s not a one-trick pony as he follows up on the success of ‘Dread’ from 2015. 

Ever one for a bit of lush language with poetic quality, I’ll go and investigate in Groningen. 



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