Kylie Hughes – A Sonic Breakfast interview

(1) Your name might well be a new one for Sonic Breakfast readers. How would you describe yourself to them? 

A sassy sensitive twenty something female singer songwriter that has a long-term relationship with wine and writing songs about boys.

(2) What 5 words best sum you up?

Spontaneous, yet consistent, scheming, creative and witty

 (3) 2016 was a good year for you. What was the highlight above all other highlights? 

Creatively directing 3 music videos and writing my new favorite songs. Oh! and I also got engaged.

 (4) And conversely, what was the most disappointing moment?

Can’t really think of one.

 (5) Looking forward, 2017 has the makings of a massive year for you.. What’s exciting you most about it? 

Releasing my new album and playing SXSW!

 (6) You hail from Malibu. Is there a good music scene there? Are there other acts from Malibu that we should keep an eye out for? 

Malibu music scene is there, it’s just very underground. I can’t say there’s anywhere I would go to listen to music in Malibu but a lot of artists and iconic home studios are supposedly hiding in private beach house basements. Like Dawes came out of Malibu, Jesse Jo Stark is on her way, and me J

 (7) Who and what are your influences? Both musical and otherwise?

 I’m influenced by other artists. There are things I love about other songs and things that I would change if it were my song and there’s nothing more inspiring (and sometimes frustrating) than watching a band living their dream at like, a sold out concert. Definitely lights a fire under your ass like, “I can do that! Why am I not doing that?!”… There’s been a couple times when my friends want to go out after seeing a show and I just wanna go home and put to paper on all the ideas I had during the concert. But I’m also a huge movie buff, and I find those are a good source of inspiration. And then just the daily struggle or triumphs usually spark a song or two, haha.

 (8) If you had 24 hours to live, what would you HAVE to do in that time? 

Eat all of my favorite foods with all my favorite people in my favorite place in the world. (note how food was first*)

 (9) What do you eat for breakfast?

I usually skip breakfast, haha. But ALWAYS need a cup of coffee and Almond milk creamer because I am annoyingly dairy-free. BUT if we were at brunch, I love a good buffet, bagels.. eggs.. french toast.. a waffle and obviously a mimosa, hold the OJ. I’m also a big fan of the Beer-mosa.

 (10) And finally – can you tell us your favourite joke? 

I don’t have a favorite but I recently heard this one… 

“So a dyslexic walks into a bra…”



There you go. Here’s a couple of videos from Kylie Hughes so that you can gauge for yourself how sassy, sensitive and spontaneous she is. 



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