ESNS 2017 – Let’s Eat Grandma


(1) Let’s Eat Grandma deliver ‘experimental, psychedelic and magical pop from Norwich. Every other band that I’ve featured from Norfolk on Sonic Breakfast (Rope Store and The Watanabes) are bloody good and I expect Let’s Eat Grandma will continue that tradition. 

(2) When their debut album came out last year, wiser reviewers than I were falling over themselves with hyperbolic superlative – “I, Gemini by Let’s Eat Grandma is the most startling and enchanting debut album I’ve heard in decades” was typical of the praise being lauded upon an admittedly very good record.

 (3) Rosa and Jenny are still only 17. Recent interviews suggest that they’re so full of ideas about how to develop their songwriting craft that the praise lavished on ‘I, Gemini’ will grow with future releases. How great to tell friends that ‘I saw them in Groningen’ and had their share of alcohol at the bar?

 (4) I want to get around as many venues as I can whilst in Groningen and I suspect this’ll be my only foray into the Stadsschouwburg, a fine looking theatre type venue. 

 (5) It might well provide my only opportunity to hear a recorder solo next week (and I’ve always been partial to a bit of that since my own disinfectant-dip school days). But, I get the impression that it won’t just be recorders. There’ll be all sorts of instruments picked up and put down by the duo. The quirky fun will surely appeal?

 Take a look yourself. Some say they’re a bit marmite and I can see that eating Grandma won’t be for all tastes. But they’ve got me intrigued enough. 






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