Autosuggest – In Lust


Autosuggest “to influence one’s own thoughts or behaviour through methods other than conscious thought.”

In less than 36 hours, I’ll be in Groningen. I’ve been sent invites to all sorts of parties. Many have tried to entice me with the offer of free food and beer. I’m sure that I’ll succumb to some. 

And there’ll definitely be bands I see who I know I’ve heard of and not quite be able to place from where or when. No doubt, it’ll be from an E-mail that’s lurking in my inbox. The seed will have been sown. Is that auto-suggestion? 

I will, of course, make every effort to maintain Sonic Breakfast whilst I’m at Eurosonic. If I can’t do that when there’s so much live music to peruse then I’ll have failed badly in trying to moderate the free food and beer offers. We shall see what happens.

In the build up to all of this, it’s been easy to ignore other new music that has hit my inbox. That’s a bit of a shame because in some cases it’s been bloody good. Take this new track from Australian producer, Autosuggest, as a case in point. 

Moody and dark dance, In Lust broods along with a bass line that manages to be sombre and urgent at the same time. It’s hard not to draw comparisons with old New Order tracks when there’s a Hook-like bass hook and those similarities are simply elevated to a greater degree with the Peter Saville influenced video. 

Alec Mallia is the man behind Autosuggest and this track is the first to be lifted from a forthcoming debut EP, Murmur, to be released on Perfect Hair records. Sonic Breakfast will definitely be watching how this proceeds with interest. 


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