Brenda Burch – Sugar Fix & Sparks Will Fly

Both of the tunes come from the pen of the sweet and colourful, Brenda Burch. Her thing is upbeat country-pop. There’s not a morose tone in sight; even when she’s moaning about the lack of men on her horizon in recent single, Sparks Will Fly, she does so with a smile on her face. In the video, she jumps across our screen with energetic bounce and sparkles vivaciously (whilst holding a sparkler). I’m sure there are things that make Brenda angry but she’s not shouting loudly about them here.

In the video to another tune, ‘Sugar Fix’, things get even more sickly-sweet. Common consensus is that too much sugar is a bad thing but this tune crystallises in your head before you’re able to mutter ‘Type 2 Diabetes’. Giggling in front of rows of candy, Brenda asserts that the sugar in your kiss and the sugar on her lips is making her high. Clearly, she must never try class A’s.

But, of course, Brenda will surely never stoop to such addiction. This is pure pop and cream-coloured country. Leave your cynicisms at the door and it’s impossible not to entirely approve.  




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