Oliver Sean – New York

A few google searches indicate that’s absolutely not the case. Of Portuguese heritage, Oliver mightn’t spend much time in Leicester. His profile tells of gigs in far flung corners of the globe and I suspect his jet-setting gets in the way of properly making roots here. I could be wrong. 

On one of his latest releases, New York, he almost appears to be claiming that metropolis as his home. It’s a catchy, radio friendly tune, full of AOR grit and with a chorus to sing along to. It’s unlikely to win kudos with the cool kids but my guess is that Oliver is beyond that game. His fan base know what to expect and he knows what to deliver. I’ve got a grudging respect for the focus he seems able to apply to his career and enjoy his music much more than I might be letting on.

His new track, First Move, has recently been released on Soundcloud and already has an impressive number of listens. Truly, this is a guy with global appeal. 

There was a story a few years back in the Leicester Mercury about Oliver (here). In it, he talks about his desire to open a music venue in this fine city. To my very best knowledge that’s not happened but I do hope he’s still got plans. The climate might not be right for such an investment now but I’m all for making the city scene brighter. 

And, like it or not, Oliver Sean has a spark about him that’s not likely to fade. If nothing else, he should be on the bill for Simon Says or we should get the chance to see him strut his stuff live at the Cookie soon. 



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