Catherine McGrath – Starting From Now

It’s Sunday morning. Eventually, I listen to all music sent my way. I love these times sat on a sofa, coffee by my side and headphones on. When it works well, it’s the time when I can both switch off and switch on, fully engaging in what I love to do. I start watching a video about Catherine McGrath and her recent return to Ireland to be close to her family before heading back to London and Nashville to continue to seek her fame and fortune. 

I’m struck by the gentle nature of her tone and the generous warm love that she has for her family. Catherine is clearly at home here. Pictures from the local pub sessions remind me of my favourite drinking holes. The comparison between charming rurality and the arguably less amiable London open mics is material that a modern day Thomas Hardy could craft a novel from. These are scenes of rural bliss.

And so I choose to watch the lyric video for the new song, ‘Starting From Now’. Within this dose of country-based pop, McGrath furrows a familiar path. She’s in a destructive relationship and though she knows it’s doing her no good she can’t entirely turn away from it. Catherine has found some inner strength and starting from now things are going to be different. She’s a woman who’s no longer going to be persuaded by his questionable charms. She’s looking after herself and will eventually overcome that hold he has even if she does choose a return dabble once or twice. 

A colleague at work told me that, after robust scientific data analysis, the songs of Taylor Swift are the most average ever; my guess is that ‘Starting From Now’ doesn’t wildly deviate from that mean path either. But, there’s a charm within this that has chimed for me. And that should be enough for Sonic Breakast readers this morning. 


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