Nick Parker – Down With The Yoof

I mostly listen to CDs whilst driving now. I do have a player in my kitchen but the car’s the main place. Nick’s CD is brilliant and really up my street. The songs, accessible and witty, offer little vignettes into Nick’s life. So, we get a few tracks about travelling and touring as a musician. Departures, an album highlight, perfectly describes the folk you’ll often see in airport lounges. It’s a people-watcher’s dream. Elsewhere, Nick’s love of Germany and playing there comes to the fore (in Ode To Marburg and the apologetic anthem, Es Tut Mir Leid). 

The style – folky, melodic and uplifting is a well-travelled road. Think Skinny Lister and Frank Turner – you won’t be on the wrong path. Nick’s the sort of under the radar artist you might stumble upon in a small tent at a festival and then, not want to leave until he does. It’s without doubt an album that’ll be getting lots more plays in my car before the summer’s out. 

 So far so good – now this post gets a bit odd!! Wonderfully so, but odd all the same as I recall what it was about Why?

 (Click on page 3 where all is revealed)

3 thoughts on “Nick Parker – Down With The Yoof

  1. Ah amazing, can’t believe I’ve found you guys. I used to love greenbelt, I was an innocent 13/14/15 year old who loved staying up to listen to Dreaming of Insomnia and feeling right naughty. I even found myself on stage with space to fill, so sang Nigel My Friend, that I still know all of the words to (they loved it). Sadly lost my tape some time ago (think my sister stole it). Don’t suppose your music is in digital format anywhere? Cheers buddy, hope you’re doing well. David

    • David,

      I am so sorry. I’ve only just seen your comment.

      I love this – and I’m sure Steve will too though we barely speak these days.

      I think he might have some CD versions of the tunes.. Add me on FB and I can link you up..

      All best,

  2. “We’re Dreaming of Insomnia, we’ve come to sing a song to ya”.

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