Maheekats – Without Horizons

Since I first heard Maheekats tune, Without Horizons, I’ve returned to it a few times. Each time that I watch the video and listen to this storming measure of psych-folk, it gives my internal metrics a sort of lift. The bump of happiness is akin to the first day of Spring or knowing somebody cares. It’s like eating a piece of rich, dark chocolate or seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, this is a song that makes me smile.

But what might it mean? The lyric, deliberately obtuse, can be interpreted in many ways. We’re left to our own devices on that front. The ‘horizon’ might be a limitation that’s been blasted away. This might be an ‘everything is possible with the right outlook’ number. Time becomes immaterial when you’re completely in the zone. Or, it might be a paean about getting older and finding your place in this space. 

Does it matter when the music uplifts in the way it does? The innocence of the vocal soaring and colliding with the ever-so slightly over-elaborate bass line. It does something to me. 

Maybe there are clues in what Craig and Clara, the duo who make up Maheekats say? When they wrote to me they mentioned that, “We have set up a home studio for recording audio and video complete with special lighting, smoke machine, and guitar plectrums that light up when you play with them.”

Crazy kats living in the moment then? Maybe the point is that there is no point. Sit back and allow the bliss of Without Horizons to wash over you on this Sonic Breakfast Sunday.



2 thoughts on “Maheekats – Without Horizons

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