Jolene – 1,2,3


If only I had known. I should have guessed. Jolene is an up and coming Dutch musician. Maybe, she’d seen my delegate badge dangling around my neck and considered that time spent networking might make sense. To her credit, she hid any disappointment well when she realised that I was no big shot. When I realised that she was a muso, I kicked myself for not offering a bit more in terms of conversation. I sent a text by way of apology.

We’ve been texting and mailing a little since that night. Jolene’s EP, End Of Story, has now been released. It’s a polished, pop belter that shows off her seductive power. Lead single 1,2,3 is, without doubt, a grower that gets inside your head and refuses to leave. It builds to such a degree that when Jolene stutters out the ‘Getting Me So High’ line, I’m almost in that place with her. 

Sonic Breakfast will follow Jolene’s career with interest. 








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