Loved Ones – End Of An Error

My parents (loved ones of mine) moved to the Wirral eighteen months or so ago. It was quite a move for them having spent most of their lives to date in Dorset. But, they’ve got opportunity to enjoy their retirement with a young Grandson and it’s a nice part of the world. When I’ve visited, they’ve told me about the delights of West Kirby’s marine lake. It’s entirely possible that I’ve seen it from the window of a car as I’m indulged with country drives to help get my bearings. “We’ve had a lovely walk around the perimeter“, my Mum might well have said. 


I was primed to be interested in the video for ‘End Of An Error’ because of this link. Loved Ones are also based on the Wirral and this hazy video features them playing with boats at the West Kirby lake. The oily fuzz of the image makes you wonder if you should be watching it with a pair of 3D glasses from the local cinema. But the vague and sketchy distance it creates simply strengthens the impression of the track. 

 ‘End Of An Error’ can be classified under indie-electronica. It’s got the positive mournfulness of a decent Hot Chip track. Listen carefully to the vocal, deliberately obfuscated in the mix, and you can just about pick out some meaning. Error is meant to sound like era. This has been a bad relationship, a mistake and it should never have happened. But now, it draws to a close – and I think, on balance, we’re meant to feel sad about that. 

 But not for too long. Loved Ones release an album on May 5th, Harness, and we can hotly anticipate that. 





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