Sophia Marshall – Fire

A few months back now (when I was barely blogging), I received a flurry of E-mails from a PR company about Sophia Marshall’s debut solo album, ‘Bye Bye’. I listened to the tracks from it I was sent and watched the videos with interest. The songs were fab; the singing of such quality that I was sorely tempted to break my writing hiatus. I probably should have done. 

Last week at the Cookie I heard songs from the album that are so laden in melancholic emotional harmony they’d have tugged at the toughest of heart-strings. Ever one to surprise and bend the rules of engagement, Sophia and her band played a stripped-back, countrified version of Kasabian’s ‘Fire’. It was an incredible, haunting  moment when you realise that a song you’re over-familiar with and not particularly a fan of can take on new meaning in such capable hands. 

I was delighted to get an impossibly polite E-mail today telling me about Sophia’s first release of a busy 2018. ” ‘Lin-dah’ is a three-track collection celebrating the songs of Leicester legends Kasabian (three members of the band – Serge, Tom and Chris – Sophia went to school with)“, details the press release.

“It’ll be the first of a set of releases that will explore origins and influences, together with the phenomenon of stardom – why it happens for some but not for others – whilst allowing Sophia to dismantle, reassemble and interpret a collection of songs that for many are contemporary standards.”

Take a listen to Sophia’s stunning version of Fire. It really is something else. And whilst you’re at it, why not extend your coffee break and watch a video from that debut album.




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