Ferris & Sylvester, August And After & Lozt – Cambridge Boat House – February 23rd 2018

Proceedings kicked off with the male-female duo, Lozt, who delighted their small audience with some beautifully synchronised vocals and harmonies. The pattern of taking turns to tell their stories throughout the songs was predictable across a less predictable set. Their cover of Whitney Houston’s, ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ was a privilege to listen to. It was much softer, more delicate and exposed than the original and took on new meaning here. Their song, ‘I need a drink’ had the audience chuckling throughout as Tom and Lauren recounted their first liaisons together with a humourous honesty: two people getting to know one another and deciding whether or not it is worth the effort. They finished with an emotional conversation of a song, ‘I Want You’.


Next to the stage and with more ticket-holders now arriving, came August and After. The three-piece, comprising of two males on guitar and a female on violin were nothing short of enchanting. Their friendship and conversation drew the crowd in, making them listen with more intrigue. The set was a mixture of covers and their own music.  This folk/rock blend left me losing all sense of space and time as the music washed over me connecting with my body and my emotions. I knew this was not just going to be a moment-in-time experience for me, August and After’s magic is something that needs exploration. Their tracks Halley and Vancouver Waves which they performed can be found on Spotify along with some others and are well worth unearthing whilst laying back on the sofa, shoes-kicked off and glass of wine in hand. 

(To read Katy’s review of Ferris & Sylvester, click on page 3)

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