Brendan Leffers – I Love You Tons

I should have been worried on reading the tag line. 

A socially conscious song, giving love and hope, to all those with eating disorders“, it said. 

Those are pretty lofty aims. And, after listening to Brendan Leffers’ song ‘I love you tons’, I can’t help but feel that it doesn’t come close to achieving what it set out to. 

Granted, it’s heartfelt and Brendan can clearly sing with empathy but it’s so horrifically schmalzy, so wrapped up in laboured emotions that it absolutely fails to connect with me. Oh, to be less cynical sometimes.

And as for the dancer in the video? I’m really not sure that placing her in a surgical gown whilst she gauntly dances her contemporary masterpiece is persuasive or edifying. You almost expect to see Julia Davis appear in the video at which point you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that it’s simply a promo for the third series of Nighty Night.

Pete Jaager is the songwriter of ‘I Love You Tons’ and I realise that I’m being uncharitable in dismissing his song in such fashion. It’s Pete who has twice sent me a PR release about the song. This is Pete’s way of dealing with the grief a ‘dear friend’ of his faces having lost his only daughter to an eating disorder. 

I should make it completely clear. I’m being critical and harsh about a song and a video. I’m in no way making light of eating disorders by doing so. 

10% of all iTunes sales are donated to help combat eating disorders“, says Pete, in a further effort to convince me of the worthiness of this project. 

10% – that makes it all worthwhile then.. 

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