East Eden – west nod

Back when Ollie, my son, was a young teenager, we both used to amuse ourselves with the thought of epic road-trips. Travelling across the States would be our ultimate goal taking in the sights and sounds as we made use of motels and canvas to sate our wanderlust. Conversation has gone a bit quiet on this front in recent years though it remains a dream of mine. I guess life just gets in the way. 

So, it’s with the slightest of envy and the utmost of admiration that I watch the journey being made by East Eden as they leave their base in New York to travel west. They pack a portable music studio to write and record as they go and, on the evidence of this single release, west nod, have found much to inspire. 

“Our single ‘west nod’, describes our wanderlust“, say Yori and Carolina, the couple that make up East Eden. “Our goal was to record all over the country with our ‘pop up’ studio, drawing inspiration from our surroundings and experiences. Yori recorded the bass and horns in New York. Carolina laid down the vocals and drums in Virginia. Yori’s verse took form in Tennessee. We pieced it all together in Utah. About a week later we shot the music video in Joshua Tree and L.A.”

East Eden have produced a track that positively bounces with a good-time feel. This is sunshine funk with spirit; the sense of fun that both are having is contagious as they realise their dreams en route. The West Coast remains the destination but much fun is going to be had on the way.

It’s a Friday and the weekend has nearly begun. Sonic Breakfast obliges with some music guaranteed to make your smile broad and your cava quaffable.


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