O’SULLIVAN – Little Bird

Winter is well and truly here in this part of Spain. This last week and a half has really seen the chills descend. Only a brave explorer now uses the exposed terrace for breakfast or for an evening cocktail. I layer up and hide under blankets on the sofa in attempts to warm my bones.

Pick your moments well though and you can still squint towards the descending afternoon sun whilst lounging on the terrace. There’s still joy to be had. The feral peacocks still loom large (here) but I’m learning to tolerate them. Besides, this post is about an altogether smaller bird – a little bird.

There are a ton of wagtails in this part of Spain at the moment. This might be the norm but I’ve never taken the time to notice them before. They’re a delight – tiny things and mostly white with patches of grey. Gracefully, they totter around the gravelled garden on the lookout for food and nesting spots. And as they take gentle and small steps, their held-high elegant tails wag from side to side. They’re a ballet dancer of a bird, exquisite, dainty and full of class. 2020 is a year in which we’ve learnt to observe the small things again – the delight I get from watching a wagtail’s path is evidence of that.

O’SULLIVAN’S song, Little Bird, isn’t about wagtail’s or indeed about anything in your aviary. But it is an indie-pop belter for the summer that never was. And, let’s face it, it’s all about a bit of escapism here at Sonic Breakfast. With hazy, warm vibes, we can all look back (or forward) to more sun-drenched days with this gem of a tune.

O’SULLIVAN is an Irishman now living in Hungary. He says that this tune is all about revisiting old relationships and the freedom and happiness that another person can bring into your life, a bittersweet love song to the woman he loves. 

And that’s fair enough – but try stopping me – I’m still going to be singing this sweet little ditty when the wagtail’s appear in the garden. 

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