HALAN – A Waste

There’s not a lot of happiness around at the moment. Mostly, I’ll use these daily Sonic Breakfast posts to publish happy songs, bouncy tunes that might add a bit of sunshine and smile into our miserable lives. I guess that there’s no harm though to talk about tunes that wallow a bit more in the isolation, loneliness and personal strife that we all must be feeling from time to time as the pandemic progresses? 

That’s not to say that I’m feeling especially down right now. The casual reader of Sonic Breakfast could be excused for drawing that conclusion. This week, I’ve returned from the beautiful sunshine and warm terrace of Spain to the dreary drudge and sludge of the U.K.. Friends and colleagues have been asking me how I’ve been finding the enforced social isolation – my ten days of being stuck in one terraced cottage unable to even head out for a walk. And the truth is that I have no real desire to go out and I’m largely positive about the experience. There are supplies of beers and wine – and Sarah is being a Saint in responding to my ‘demands’ for food with patience and good spirit. It’s good to have company around. Once again, Sonic Breakfast has landed on its feet.

HALAN’s new(ish) electronic dark pop song, ‘A Waste’, finds our singer in an entrenched place. A persistent bass beat lends doom as a wistful vocal gives focus to the hopelessness of the situation. “There are some things you can fight for as hard as you want but can’t change the outcome of“, offers the accompanying PR note with bleak and honest inevitability. 

I ask HALAN how things are for her in Los Angeles right now and she acknowledges that it’s been pretty bad in terms of the cases so she’s pretty much a hermit, just staying home and making music. But, HALAN, a former vocalist in rock and metal bands, also mentions some positive plans on the horizon. “The first thing I want to do after the pandemic is probably go to a concert.”, she says. “I really want to go the Rammstein one if possible. They’re hard to catch! And I definitely want to travel. Maybe to South Korea with my mom, or to Iceland to see the northern lights.

I guess it’s good form for all of us to cling to such dreams? Even if the more pessimistic outlook displayed in today’s song might offer a more accurate dose of reality. 

Nothing’s fair to anyone,What you planned can come undone,What you spend can be a waste, Where you reach can be outrun“, sings HALAN four times with increasing intensity in the song’s outro. I’ll leave that there for consideration. 

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