Luke Lanzon – Saving Grace

I still chuckle somewhat when I think back to the barnstormer of a Twitter row that I had with the Mum of an act I once reviewed. Taking offence at a gig review I published (here), the Mum of a ‘star from Nottingham’ got all uppity with me suggesting that I’m an awful writer with poor judgment. Whilst she might have had a point, I couldn’t help myself and had to respond pithily. “Pushy parent?”, I suggested and the floodgates opened. Even the act himself had to get involved threatening me with all sorts of cease and desist nonsense. 

You suspect that if I said cruel words about today’s featured Sonic Breakfast act, Luke Lanzon, his family might not be so quick to rush to his rescue – or at least his 90 year-old Grandma wouldn’t be. 

Grandma is here to humble me, as she still does not enjoy my singing, which is also a deal breaker for her appreciating the songs themselves.“, says Luke by correspondence. “Maybe if my rival Frank Sinatra were around to sing it she’d feel differently, but all the same I’m determined to change her mind!

Luckily for Luke, he has nothing to worry about. I couldn’t possibly have bad words to say about his debut single ‘Saving Grace’. It simply oozes charm. An indie-folk song about following your dreams and overcoming inertia, it’s the sound of an artist beginning to break free from the ties that bind. Luke tells me that after years of writing and stockpiling songs, it feels great to finally be putting out music. It’s something that will continue across 2021. 

I have several more singles planned for the rest of the year that I’m hoping will win Grandma over.“, he says. “The goal is getting into the groove of releasing music regularly and doing what I can to get people to listen. It’s definitely more work than people think, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Sonic Breakfast readers – I’ll leave it with you to decide if you’re a Betty (Luke’s Grandma) or not… 

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