The Director’s Cuts – STAR

What on earth is happening? I hardly feature any instrumental tracks in years of publishing Sonic Breakfast posts and then, within the space of a few weeks, I post two. Unlike the piece by Sacha Hoedemaker though (here), today’s track has an accompanying video. My desire for narrative is sated by the film that wraps around ‘STAR’ by The Director’s Cuts. 

The Director’s Cuts is essentially Peter Pahor, a filmmaker from East London. Peter tells me that he has a few projects on the go; “A music video for a very cool rap rock duo, various cinematic portraits ( and a humanitarian documentary featuring a nobel peace prize! 🙂“.

With a post-rock soundtrack, a piano loop that builds to a cinematic crescendo, ‘STAR’ finds us in a hotel room. Our main protagonist mauls a small trophy. There is sadness in his eyes. Perhaps, he’s thinking back to the night when he won the trophy and wondering how it all came to this? Perhaps, the trophy he actually wants is bigger and better than the tiny one in his hands? He’s the runner-up and he’s about to let his partner know how angry this makes him. 

It all reminds me a little of watching a live show by Nordic Giants. I take a look back into the archives of the eGigs back catalogue and am reminded that I’ve now been writing about things for a long time without much accolade. (Review here).

The press release fills in some of the blanks. STAR is inspired by the failed dreams and frustrations of the millennial generation, a bunch who have been sold the dream of success and fame as the only way to really being happy. It’s brooding, chilling and laced with sad menace. It’s also expertly executed and marks Peter out as one to watch. 

And that, brief and to the point for a Sunday, is a wrap. 

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