Griefcat – The Vaccine Song

A very short post today because I have an urgent appointment that I need to get ready for. Today is the day that I’m getting my initial Covid-19 vaccination.

I have no fears or qualms about it. Indeed, I see the roll-out of the vaccination across the world as the way that we’ll get to return to some sort of normality. I’m aware that I might feel a bit shivery after I’ve had it but I see it as a price worth paying. I want to see my parents again by the time that this year is out.


I know very little about Griefcat but I’m charmed by this video that I’ve found on YouTube. Some crazy anti-vaxxers have been claiming ‘The Vaccine Song’ as one of their own completely missing the fact that this is pretty tongue-in-cheek. From what I understand, the song was written and produced prior to the latest crazy furore over Covid vaccinations. It’s more relevant now than ever. 

See you all tomorrow (hopefully) when normal service will be resumed. 

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