Derek Simpson – Kid The Moon & U-Turn

Pete and Joanne are at it again – or rather Pete is at it again. In an exclusive, Sonic Breakfast has intercepted another letter that Pete has crafted and sent to Joanne. The last one was published here. We can’t reveal our sources and we can’t even confirm if Joanne is receiving them. She’s certainly not showing interest in responding. Here Pete tells Joanne about Long Beach bedroom-pop wunderkind, Derek Simpson.


Dear Joanne,

I hope you’re well? It’s been so long since we’ve spoken. It would be lovely to hear from you if only to know that you’re safe in these tough times. I heard a song the other day by an artist I’d never heard of before. I thought it might be new to you as well. Kid The Moon by Derek Simpson reminds me so much of our time together. You’ll see why if you give it a play.

I guess it was the long-distance that really did for us, Joanne? Maybe, if we’d have met in the last year when much more meaningful conversation has passed through zoom, we’d have fared better? But, back then, we were early adopters of unpredictable Skype connections. I’d stay awake to have a moonlit conversation with you. Sometimes, in the morning we’d talk just as I was emerging from my dreams and you were entering into them. Oh, that difference in time zone – we’d often joke that we were kidding the moon.

I remember the playful distant moments fondly. You’d lie on your bed and curl up encouraging me to ‘big spoon’ behind you. I had to look up what you meant. And I’d dance weirdly in front of my camera. I’d sway and gyrate, move my arms like Morrissey, all to make you smile. It was great to hear your laugh over the ether. I’d cling to those moments until the next time we’d kid the moon. 

Derek has captured those calls to a tee. It’s almost like he was there though he’s not lost touch with his lovely friend. Oh Joanne, I wish we were still talking. “We still keep in regular contact even with time-zone differences and countries between us,“, says Derek. “I hope this song can stay with them throughout their lifetime as a reminder of just how lovely it is to get to know them.”. I wish that was true for you and I Joanne. 

My enduring love, 


PS – Derek has moved on from the hallucinatory, gentle funk of Kid The Moon to release a new track, U-Turn, just a few days ago. It’s another one for us, Joanne. You remember how I’d play some King Tubby whilst we’d hold each other tight at the festival campsite? Or I’d blast out some dub whilst we cuddled up on the sofa? This recalls those moments for me. I hope you enjoy. 


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