Andrea Terrano – Woodlands

Brrrr…. It certainly feels that Autumn is here and that Winter is just around the corner. Some crazy people class this as their favourite time of the year but how they find beauty in the grey, wet and dismal is beyond me. A romantic skip through slushy leaves might sound good on paper but, in reality, there’s always a hole in your shoe that leaves your feet damp and your socks sodden.

I prefer to head off into a cosy dreamland until Spring once again blossoms. Sometimes, I’ll do that by posting videos on Sonic Breakfast that hark back to sunnier times. Today is a case in point.

I’ve recently been sent this video. Woodlands is the first track to be released from Andrea Terrano’s new album, Innamorata. It’s coming out on Atlantic Jaxx and is produced by Felix Buxton of Basement Jaxx. It’s also the opening track of the album.

Terrano is an Italian guitarist of some repute. His playing on ‘Woodlands’ is nothing short of splendid. This gentle yet powerful piece takes me back to the warmer days of 2016. You can almost smell the pine and hear the crickets as you look up through the branches of the trees within this video and spot the sun shimmering through. 

Go and lie down next to a radiator (if you have central heating). Raise the base of your feet so that they’re touching the heat and play this video. I guarantee you that the grey will go (albeit temporarily).