Natálie Grossová – Girls

One of the few beautiful things to come out of this year for me is our weekly quiz. I had kept in sporadic touch with the guys that I went to Polytechnic with before Covid 19 but now the disease seems to have given focus – reinvigorating those friendships from Bristol is of vital importance. 

It started with a whatsapp group and quickly the suggestion formed that a zoom quiz might be a cool thing to do. I’m not sure that any of us thought then that it would become a weekly thing or that it would be so successful in warding of our boredom but now not a day goes by without us saying good morning and wishing each other well. We look after each other from afar and that feels cosy. Two weeks ago, Mole led the quiz and I laughed so much that tears fell – that’s not happened for years. This is my therapy. 

The guys on the quiz will likely not care much for Natálie Grossová’s single, ‘Girls’. And I get that. This is pure pop with a sprinkling of cheese, a bit too glossy and upbeat for their more sophisticated tastes. But I maintain that pop done well with catchy, singalong choruses and synchronised dancing in a carefree video is of equal artistic merit to the serious and austere. We all need to smile right now – and there’s joy-a-plenty in this. 

Natália talks about some of the inspiration behind ‘Girls’. “I had a problem with groups my whole life but time went by and I got to know new people and found great friends.“, she says. “I want to say, through my debut song as an artist, that you don’t need a bunch of fake friends but just a few that will stick together and support you whatever it takes!

The musical theatre star from Prague might be emphasising female solidarity within ‘Girls’ but the wider theme of strength through friendship is universal. Today it’s the morning to take a quick step back from the brink, to reach out and to cherish those friends who have our back.