Moscato – Ljomo

A Monday morning in December – for many this represents the last working Monday of the craziest of years before Christmas kicks in. Some will work on through the season and others will keep up their search for employment. It’s been a tough old year.

Whatever the situation, it’s going to be a Monday morning that demands easing into. Whether we’ve overdone things at the weekend playing cards or the combined toll of the previous 50 weeks has worn us down, chances are that we’re going to be starting our days with an amount of jadedness. 

If you’re lucky enough to be feeling fresh as a daisy and full of the joys of Spring allow yourself some time to gloat. Our time will come. 

The situation asks for a gentle tune and Moscato’s Ljomo more than fits the bill. Translated as ‘brightness’ in Icelandic, this atmospheric piece was inspired by a walk at dawn. It’s chilled Folktronica for a chilly Monday and has a beautiful air.

The simple video adds to the emotion. It’s a reminder that we never quite know what’s going on in the heads of others. On the surface, people can be offering up their poker-faces, whilst masking the true feelings beneath. That’s likely to be true today. 

Be kind all.